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Kathmandu Shivapuri Nuwakot Biking Tour

Shivapuri is the second highest peak among the hills surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. It is 2732m at its peak with numerous sharp ridges radiating to all sides. Situated towards the north of the Kathmandu Valley, due to its strategic location and convenience, Shivapuri was proclaimed as a watershed area supplying more than a million liters of natural spring water to the city. After Shivapuri experienced several problems concerning soil erosion as a result of deforestation, over- grazing, cultivation on steep slopes etc.; reducing the quality and quantity of the water supplied, His Majesty's Govt. of Nepal initiated a program to protect Shivapuri and its adjoining areas as a watershed and wildlife reserve in 1975. As recently as, in mid 2002 Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve was officially given a National Park status.

Since Shivapuri lies in the transition zone between subtropical and temperate climate, the vegetation consists of a variety of natural forest types, depending on altitude and aspects. Most of the areas below 1800m are covered with Schima castanopsis forest in which pines (Pinus roxburghii) appear on the southern dry ridges, with Utis (Alnus nepalensis) along the streams. A forest of oak species such as Quercus semicarpifolia and Quercus lamelosa mixed with rhododendron and a variety of orchids flourish on the northern slopes. A variety of medicinal herbs is found at higher altitudes. A hundred and twenty nine species of mushrooms have been so far identified and catalogued from the Shivapuri National Park.
Among the wild animals, Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus), Leopard (Panthera pardus), Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak), Pallas's Cat (Felis manul), Large Indian Civet (Viverra zibetha), Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten (Martes flavigula), Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata), Wild Boar (Sus scrofa), Goral (Nemorhaedus goral), Indian Porcupine (Hystris indica), and Common Langur (Presbytis entellus) etc. can be spotted around the park.

Shivapuri National Park is a home to 177 species of birds of which 9 are enlisted as endangered, 19 species of mammals and 150 species of butterflies some endemic and rare. This is, out of the total of 800 species of birds, 130 species of mammals and 600 species of butterflies found in Nepal, thus making Shivapuri a paradise for flora and fauna and one of the two National Park situated in the capital around the world. After National Park we continue ride to Nuwakot durbar which is the oldest capitl of Nepal before our Shah King Dinesty. Overnight Nuwakot Durbar village. and next morning visit palace and mountain view then back to kathmandu .

Day 1: After Breakfast we start ride from Thamel all the way to Budhanilkantha the sleeping Vishnu about 11km. Then we enter the Shivapuri National park about 8 km uphill good road then start the grabel jeep track where is no trafficking From there we can see the beauty full Kathmandu valley . We go to Gurgu Bhanjyang Where we can see the very clear Ganesh, Manaslu and Langtang Mountain views. This is the old traditional way between kerung Tibetan border, Gorkha and Nuwakot to connect the Kathmandu. There is one small cottage village hotel we stop overnight there.

Day 2: After breakfast we continue down hills then reach in Chara bazar and to go to Dhikure bazar via normal gravel road and cross the suspension bridge in Tadi Khola and go to 6 km uphill to Nuwakot Durbar overnight local Guest Hous.

Day 3: After Breakfast by good road down to main town Trisuli Bidur which is capital town of Nuwakot and bike to Tadi Pul and Drive by Bus/ Jeep to Rani Pauwa ad again ride down to Kathmandu.

One day down hill kathmandu

Option 1 Drive to Nagarkot and come down via Bhaktapur to kathmandu.

Option 2 Drive to Nagarkot and down to Indrabati river and drive to kathmandu.

Option 3 Drive to Shivapuri and go to Trishuli bazar drive to kathmandu.

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