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Damodar-Kunda Upper Mustang trek is a popular destination for travelers and hindus pilgrime, who would like to be very remote area and explores the ancient Monastery, more than thousand years of hundreds ruined cave and Himalayan mountain desert with local tribes domain with Tibetan society are the main attraction of this areas.  Upper Mustang region is located on the western Himalayan range and adjoining plateau of Tibetan border of the Nepal. Mustang is a rain shadow area and still has a Mustangi Raja (state king of the Mustang) only one state king of Nepal, fossils on the river bank another attraction for the travels.

Upper Mustang trek start from the Pokhara a beautiful lake town of the western Nepal and crossing the Annapurna conservation area will get to Upper Mustang. Either fly to Jomsom or walk from the Beni will reach at entry point of upper Mustang called Kagbeni. We start our Upper Mustang trek through the Holy river bank of Kaligandaki and follow the up stream to get to Lo-Mangthang, which is capital of the upper Mustang. On Mustang trek you may have chance to explore the thousand years of old monastery, caves, local tribes and scenic beauties of the different landscapes. You will have a great chance to accomplish the blessing from the King and the royal palace during the visit. The trek to Lo-Manthang is through an almost tree-less barren landscape, a steep rocky trail up and down hill and panoramic views of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and several other peaks make your trek wonderfully.

The Home Ministry of Nepal announced the opening of the restricted areas in October 1991. There is also strict control in obtaining a special permit from the department of immigration to protect their tradition from outside influence as well as to protect their environment. The high desert region of the Tibetan influence, Kaligandaki, from the Tibetan border south to Kagbeni is generally referred to as "Upper Mustang" that has its own nominal king.

For the Mustang trek (Damodar Kunda) we take a morning flight to Jomsom, the  district headquarters of Mustang. The sound of jingling horse and pony bells as the  Mustangi people pass by with their loads becomes an omnipresent aspect of the trek from now on. We trek up the windy Kali Gandaki valley to Kagbeni. The wide trail along a sandy, saligram-filled riverbed provides views of the surrounding peaks of Dhaulagiri, Tukuche and Nilgiri, and to the south the entire Annapurna Massif.

Kagbeni, spectacularly situated atop a cliff overlooking the confluence of the Kali Gandaki and the Jhong Khola rivers, is the last village in Lower Mustang and guards the entrance into Upper Mustang, visible across the Kali Gandaki riverbed. It is an oasis of patchwork fields in the midst of rocky, arid mountains. This ancient and partially ruined citadel town provides us with a taste of scenes to come in upper Mustang, with its narrow alleyways and tunnels, irrigation canals, green fields of wheat and barley and its imposing and newly-restored brick-colored gompa.  Here we go through the police check, after completing our paperwork we enter Upper Mustang, the long-forbidden region of Nepal. Lo Monthang, aptly named the Plain of Aspiration.

The fabled walled city of Lo, with a single entrance through which only the king is allowed to ride (all others must walk), is a welcome sight! The king, Lo Gyelbu, named Jigme Palbar Bista, still resides at his four-storied palace inside the city walls ... that is, when he is not in Kathmandu. He is an avid horseman, and keeps his own stable of horses, some of the best in Mustang, it is said. Stay away from his Tibetan mastiffs, though! Today the king plays a somewhat ceremonial role, although he is well loved and respected throughout the kingdom. In the 1380s, King Ame Pal, established his reign in Lo, with the walled city of Lo Monthang as its capital. Within the walls of Lo Manthang are about 150 houses built among narrow streets, and some of the largest and finest Tibetan Buddhist gompas in Nepal.

The elevation of the Damodar Kund is just 4890 meters; it is a cold and windy place.We will recommend to you visit during the full moon of August every year, because every year there is a big festival with many pilgrimages, Hindu and Bhuddist. Usually, you can visit April to October every year. Festival time is great for visiting Damodar Kund. From Damodar Kund, the views are excellent.  From some viewpoints a bit higher than the lakes,( just a short climb up some of the hills) you can see the Tibetan plateau & Damodar Himal to the north and the Annapurna Himalayan massive to the south.

Muktinath, one of the holiest temples in Nepal and a very popular pilgrimage site, contains an elaborate temple complex which includes 108 cleansing water spouts and an eternal flame lodged inside a small Buddhist temple. This complex combines Hindu and Buddhist traditions gracefully. From Muktinath, we have outstanding views of the colorful valley and neighboring villages.Trekkers carry only a day pack and walk at their own pace. Average hiking per day will be 6-7 hrs.

Day 01 Arrival and transfer to hotel/welcome dinner
Day 02 Day at Leisure /Hotel
Day 03 Drive to Pokhara (900m) /Hotel
Day 04 Fly to Jomsom (2710m) & Trek to Kagbeni (2800m)
Day 05 Trek to Chele (3050m) Chusang Valley 
Day 06 Trek to Geling (3570m) 
Day 07 Trek to Tsarang (3560m)
Day 08 Trek to Lo Manthang (3809m)
Day 09 Rest day explore Around Lo Manthang ) 
Day 10 Trek to Dri/Yara (4000m)
Day 11 Trek to Bas Khola (4500m)
Day 12 Acclimatization day
Day 13 Trek to Damodar Kund (lake)/ camp at 4890m 
Day 14 Trek to Ghechung Khola (4000m)
Day 15 Trek to Tange (3240m)
Day 16 Trek to Tetang (2900m)
Day 17 Trek to Muktinath (3760m)
Day 18 Trek to Jomsom (2710m)
Day 19 Fly to Pokhara /Hotel (B) 
Day 20 Fly to Kathmandu /Hotel
Day 21 Day at leisure /Hotel (B, D) 
Day 22 Drive to airport for return flight

Note: The itinerary can be customized according to your duration of holiday. Similarly hotel can be upgraded or downgraded depending on your budget.


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